The Pleasantview Lodge

Welcome! We're excited to have you as our guest. Use our curated mobile guest guide to enjoy our home to the fullest and to discover our favorite places in the area.
Follow M-119 all the way around the Bay until you get to the 2nd stop light where you will turn right onto S. Pleasantview Rd.  Take that down 2 miles down.  When you go past the Happy Days & Night Winery Happy Days & Nights Winery.  We are the very next driveway on the right. Our Driveway.  Go all the way up the driveway and you are there!
Please utilize this guide to enhance your stay at our home.

Before Arrival:
Address: 6753 S. Pleasantview Harbor Springs, MI (directions)

Want to save the hassle of shopping? Check out Stocked to have your groceries delivered inside our lodge.

Check-In Information
Check-In: 4PM
-If you need an early check-in just ask. If the house is ready we should always be able to accommodate this request.

There is a Wi-Fi door lock on the front door.  The code to unlock the door is 5807. Video of Unlocking Door  (you may have to push down hard on door handle, it sticks from time to time).  To lock the front door, simply push the  "Lock" button, located in the bottom right corner. Video of Locking Door
All other doors to the home need to be locked/unlocked manually from inside.  There are no keys provided for them.  
During the colder months, the house temp will be around 63 degrees when you check in which keeps it pretty warm. You can turn the temp up, but warn you that it warms up quickly and 70 is the recommended temp, especially in the basement. Heat (Thermostat)
During the summer months, the heat & air conditioning will both be turned off until you arrive. You can either choose to open windows (we are up on a hill that gets a nice breeze and it cools everything down pretty quickly), or you can shut all the windows/doors and turn on the air conditioning unit Air Conditioner located in the living room on the main level. There are also fans located in each bedroom.

WiFi Network Name: SpectrumSetup-60
Password: proudfish978

Things to Know About our Lodge

*Front Door Knob. It can be a bit hard to open at times and gets stuck. Usually if you push down with 2 hands on it, it will open right up.

*Air Conditioning.  We have a split unit on the main floor.  It will be turned off when you first get there.  As we are coming into the colder part of the year, I am sure you will be looking for the heat, but if you do turn the AC unit on, please make sure that all windows are closed while operating.  The AC unit must be turned back off before checking out.  The AC unit is controlled by its own panel on the wall that is located to the right of the fireplace on the main level (right next to the ladder leaned up against the wall). Air Conditioning - Thermostat

*Heat.  The heat is controlled by a WIFI thermostat located right next to the air conditioning panel to the right of the fireplace on the main level (right next to the ladder leaned up against the wall).  The heat will be turned to 63 degrees when nobody is at the house.  You are welcome to turn it up to whatever you want once in the house, but warn that it warms up fast and once heated up it takes a while to cool back down.  We have found that 70 degrees is a perfect temp to set it at, especially if you also have the fireplaces going.  Heat -Thermostat

*In-Floor Heating.  We also have in-floor heating throughout the house.  You should not mess with these at all,  but you will find thermostats throughout the bedrooms and bathrooms and may wonder what they are for. In-Floor Heating Thermostat

*Hot Water. During the winter months, the hot water may need to be run for 10-15 minutes when you first arrive to let it flow through all of the pipes as it is a larger home and likely hadn’t been used for a few days prior to arrival. It should work fine after the initial time of doing this & we do have 2 water heaters.

*Extra Blankets. Every room has an extra blanket in it if needed.

*Pack and Play. There are 2 of them.  They are located in the lower level walk-in closets of the yellow colored room & the bunk room.

*Highchair.  Located in the coat closet next to the front door in the living room.

*First Aid Kit. Located on the counter in the laundry room.

*Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Located on each floor and throughout the Lodge. All have been tested and work.

*Fire Extinguishers. 1 located under the bar in the lower level, 1 located in the closet of the mud room off the kitchen, 1 located in the cupboard directly below the stove in the kitchen, 1 located next to the grill outside by the garage, & 1 located inside the outdoor shed that is down by the bonfire pit.

*Laundry Supplies. We leave them fully stocked for you to use during your stay, but please do not take them with you when they leave as they are for the next guest.

*Extra soap, dry packaged food, paper towels, etc. We like to keep everything extra stocked so that you do not run out during your stay, just ask that you don’t take more than you need when you leave.

*Hot Tub.  Absolutely NO glass allowed.  Cover must be put on after every use. It is serviced by a professional company weekly with chemicals, but please do not pee or do anything weird in there. If the hot tub is in an overly bad condition when you leave, you may be charged additional draining/cleaning fee for it. If for some reason the hot tub randomly gets cold, there is a chance that you accidentally changed a setting and put it into an incorrect mode. To fix, hit the temperature button & Light button at the same time and then put it back into “Standard” mode and the temp will go back to hot.

*Outdoor Grill. Make sure to pull away from garage when using in case of fire. Grill can NOT be moved onto porch or deck under any circumstances as grease fires with grills can be very common.  Please know that our grill is cleaned in between guests, but there will still always be a level of grease that is inside the grill and to watch it carefully while cooking.  Turn the propane on (located under the grill) and then turn the top buttons to “ignite” and grill will lite. Make sure to turn grill completely off and propane turned off after use. We would also appreciate you scrapping the grill grate after use if you get food stuck all over it.

*Outdoor Furniture. All cushions and outdoor décor is located in the closet inside the mudroom (just off the back balcony deck by the door next to the hot tub). Please make sure to return cushions before check-out so that they don’t get soaked by rain. (Only available seasonally...May-Oct)

*Outdoor Dishes. All located inside the cabinet in the dining room next to the dining room table.

*Yard Games. All located in the shed, that is outside, down by the firepit area. They must be used OUTSIDE ONLY. Please put them back into the shed before checking out.

*Breakable Décor Items. Our Lodge was decorated with everyone in mind. That being said, we have some decorative items that are not super kid friendly. If you have young children in your group, please feel free to kid proof anything within their reach and move any fragile items to higher ground. Our cleaning crew will put them back into their place after your stay, so no need for you to worry about where they go.

*Fireplaces. The front cover easily pops down. To turn on, simply push the larger round knob in and turn to the LEFT and release. To turn back off, simply push the knob back in again and turn to the RIGHT and release.  The fireplaces really warm up the house, so keep in mind if you do not like it super hot while sleeping.

Check-Out Information
Check-Out: 10AM

1. Please put dirty dishes into the dishwasher, add the soap and Start.

2. Pull all sheets from any beds that were slept in.  Please put all Used sheets & Used towels from upstairs rooms in the Laundry Room off the kitchen.  Please put a load of sheets in the washer, add detergent (provided in cupboard above washer) and START.  Please put all Used sheets/towels from downstairs rooms next to the wet bar in the basement.  This really helps our Housekeeping Crew get a head start & is appreciated!

3. Take any personal items out of the fridge with you or throw them away.

4. Turn all thermostats back to 63 degrees. Turn off the air conditioning if used during your stay.

5. Put garbage bags with trash into provided garbage cans that are located outside by the garage & front porch.

6. Turn off all lights and fireplaces.

7. Lock ALL the doors and windows.  Front door is locked by simply pushing the "Lock" button located in the bottom right corner of the wi-fi lock.

8. Make sure that all yard games are put back into the outdoor shed that you found them down by the firepit.

9. Take cushions off of outdoor chairs and put them back into closet so that they don’t get soaked from potential rain. (May-Oct)

Thank you and drive safe!


City Park Grill - Petoskey


Duffy’s Garage & Grill

Specialty pizza, grinders, burgers & more
317 E Lake St, Petoskey
Distance: 7.9 miles from our lodge
Great pizza place in downtown Petoskey. They have lots of seating and large menu!


Progressive American cuisine
215 1/2 Howard St, Petoskey
Distance: 7.8 miles from our lodge
Reservations recommended. Unique dining experience. Not ideal for large groups.

City Park Grill

American food & great place for live music
432 E Lake St, Petoskey
Distance: 7.8 miles from our lodge
Tip: Reservations encouraged


American Wagyu Steakhouse
3018 M-119, Harbor Springs
Distance: 3.3 miles from our lodge
Tip: great pasta, laid back, tvs, group & family friendly


American Bar & Grille
130 State St, Harbor Springs
Distance: 6 miles from our lodge
Great place to take kids! Ski themed. Great menu, laid back atmosphere.

The New York

Waterfront dining & spirits
101 State St, Harbor Springs
Distance: 6 miles from our lodge
Wonderful choice if you want something a little more fancy, yet fun atmosphere. Food is outstanding!

Piper’s Mighty Good Pizza

Artisan hand-tossed pizzas
974 W Conway Rd, Harbor Springs
Distance: 3 miles from our lodge
Local's Tip: Great pizza and they deliver!

Julienne Tomatoes

Deli & Bakery
421 Howard St, Petoskey
Distance: 8 miles from our lodge
One of our favorite places to get lunch in downtown Petoskey! Fresh ingredients, warm atmosphere, lots of options!

Legs Inn

Unique art and delicious Polish food
6425 N Lake Shore Dr, Cross Village
Distance: 19 miles from our lodge
Tip: Uncommon experience. Take the Tunnel of Trees to get there! The views are incredible, authentic Polish food. Only open May-Oct. It's worth the wait!

Teddy Griffin’s Roadhouse

American bar & grill
50 Highland Pike Dr, Harbor Springs
The Back Lot Beer Garden w/ Food Trucks - Petoskey


Tap 30

Craft beer, wine, cocktails & comfort food
422 E Mitchell St, Petoskey

Beards Brewery

Brewery and Restaurant
215 E Lake St, Petoskey
Distance: 7.9 miles from our lodge
Tom's Mom's Cookies - Harbor Springs


Boyne Country Sports

Premier outdoor sports gear & apparel retailer
1200 Bay View Rd, Petoskey
Distance: 6.8 miles from our lodge

Banhof Sport

Skis, Winter Jackets, Clothing & More
1300 Bay View Rd, Petoskey
Distance: 6.8 miles from our lodge

If you require assistance during your stay, please do not hesitate to text us

Enjoy! Sarah & Justin Jorkasky