Paradise View

Welcome to Elk Rapids! We're excited to host you at our home on Elk Lake. Please use this guide to learn about our property and the local area.
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Check-In: 4 pm (Early Check-in is not possible due to the short window we have on Fridays to clean the property)

Check-Out: 11 am (We're unable to accommodate late check-out, our cleaning service will arrive at the house promptly at 11 am)

There is parking space for several vehicles in the driveway but please pay special attention to parking areas. (Picture of parking area)

We have a key code lock on the door and your code will be texted or emailed to you.

Quiet Hours:
Please be a good neighbor. No blaring music or disruptive behavior- especially in the late evening!

Wi-Fi & TV Assistance:
There is no cable. We have the TV set up to the Wi-Fi so all you need to do is log into your streaming apps of choice. Just remember to log out!

Wi-Fi Password:

Trash & Recycling:
Your garbage day is Monday.  Please make sure all garbage is bagged up and securely placed in the trash container provided. Please place the trash container at the American Waste sign near the brown storage buildings a short way down the road by 7 a.m. on Monday or the night before. Please do not leave garbage bags or opened garbage containers outdoors because animals are sure to get into them.

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"Will enter details about kitchen items provided here"

Pillows & Blankets:
There are hide-a-bed sheets, pillows and a comforter in the cupboard in the small island.

Washer and Dryer is located on the second floor and is available for your use. Please make sure to empty the lint trap in the dryer between each use.

A Few Additional Important Items:

  • This house uses a septic tank for waste and water disposal, please remember, toilet paper only in the fixtures. No diapers, feminine products, Swiffer dusters, moist wipes, or toys.

  • There is NO SMOKING inside the house.

  • This house does NOT have A/C. “Fan on” at the thermostat pulls cool air from the crawl space.

  • Please make sure you extinguish your campfires – NEVER leave a fire unattended.

  • Please be a good neighbor. No blaring music or disruptive behavior- especially in the late evening.

  • Pay attention to children. It only takes a second to fall in the water.

  • Please leave all furniture as arranged.

  • There is an additional gas cannister for the grill in the big garage

  • There are kayaks, paddleboards, and bikes in the large garage for your use.

  • The griddle on the stove can be removed if you would like to access all eight burners. The griddle is VERY heavy. Please do not put the griddle directly on the counters as it has sharp edges that will scratch.


Before you depart, please take a few minutes to do the following tasks:

  1. Load all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and run the dishwasher. (pods under sink)

  2. Please clean the grill after use. Clean grates and empty grease pan and grease trap.

  3. Leave beds unmade (no need to strip the beds). Leave dirty towels and washcloths in the bathroom or near the washer. If you would like to start a load of towels, we would appreciate that!

  4. Remove trash and put in garbage dumpsters.

  5. Check drawers and closets for your belongings.

We hope you enjoy your stay! Please call or text Kaitlyn Barry if you have any issues or questions. 231-313-0761 (office) or 906-361-4728 (Cell-urgent)



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