The Forks River Lodge

We are excited for you to visit our beautiful property! We wanted to let you know we offer everything under the sun to customize your stay into a special event!
Please utilize this guide to enhance your stay at our lodge.

Directions Address: The property is located at 8895 Supply Road, Traverse City MI 49686. You should be able to receive proper directions from your preferred app source ie. Google Maps, etc.


Want to be extra prepared for your stay? Check out to have your groceries delivered inside your vacation rental before you arrive.

Check-In: 4 pm
Check-Out: 11 am

You will enter gate using code "XXXX".
Entrance to lodge

Quiet Hours:
Please keep your volume respectful of all neighbors and all passersby
Our neighbors are full time residents and most have work during the week days
A good guide to respectful noise levels:
9am-7pm normal levels - Have fun!
7pm-10pm dinner time, start winding down
Extend the fun on the weekends (Friday and Saturday) until midnight
10pm-9am whisper to silent during weekdays

Wi-Fi & TV Assistance:
Use the remote for most operations on the TV. We have the TV set up to the Wi-Fi so all you need to do is log into your streaming apps of choice. Just remember to log out! The Wi-Fi router is a black tower near the TV, there is a QR code that you scan with your phone camera, it will prompt your phone to ask if you want to join the network, press join and you're in!

Wi-Fi login:
Password: unique63space

Trash & Recycling:
Please bag all trash and use the dumpster, it is located up the driveway near the gate.

Fireplace: We have placed dry wood next to the fireplace for your use. There is additional wood covered by a tarp on a trailer outside. Please be sure to resecure tarp to keep the wood dry. Make sure the fire is completely out before you leave the property. using the tools provided, sweep up the ash and embers, place them in the metal bin for the cleaning team to dispose of.

We provide coffee, filters, cream & sugar with a standard coffee pot for your use. we do not provide grounds, so you'll want to bring our own!

Cooking oils and spices (and salt & pepper) can be found in the cupboards. As well as all the basic cooking utensils you may need.

Pillows & Blankets:
Extra pillows and blankets can be found in the closets of each bedroom.

The laundry unit is in the hall near the kitchen and is available for your use!

Before checking out we ask that you:

  • Please wash all used dishes (just load the dishwasher and run it)

  • Strip all the beds (put the sheets at the foot of the beds)

  • Remove all food from the refrigerator & freezer

  • Take trash/ recycling to bins located at the west end of our parking lot

  • Close and lock all doors & windows.

  • make sure the fireplace is cold

Drive Safe!


Have a nice dinner at Red Ginger while getting to look



spend a Saturday morning with the kiddos watching $1

Things to Do

spend the day window shopping on front street!



If you need assistance during your stay, place don't hesitate to call us.

For all after hours urgent repairs, please call Jim or Marsha

Thank you and enjoy!
The Royal Stag Team