Missouri Sales Tax for Construction Contractors: What You Need to Know

Construction contractors in Missouri are required to collect and remit sales tax on their projects. However, many contractors are unclear on the rules and regulations surrounding sales tax and how it applies to their business. In this article, we will provide an overview of Missouri sales tax for construction contractors.

What is Missouri Sales Tax?

Missouri sales tax is a tax on the sale or use of tangible personal property and certain services. This tax is collected by the Missouri Department of Revenue and helps fund state and local government programs. The sales tax rate in Missouri is currently 4.225%, but local sales taxes may apply as well.

How Does Sales Tax Apply to Construction Contractors?

Construction contractors in Missouri are considered retailers and must collect and remit sales tax on all taxable sales. Taxable sales include the sale of materials, supplies, equipment, and other tangible personal property used in the construction process. If the contractor performs both taxable and nontaxable services, the contractor must allocate the charges between the two and collect sales tax on the taxable portion.

It is important to note that sales tax applies to both residential and commercial construction projects. The only exemptions are for government or nonprofit organizations.

Contractors may also be subject to use tax on items they purchase and use in their business but do not pay sales tax on. This includes items purchased out of state or items that are exempt from sales tax, such as machinery and equipment used in the manufacturing process.

What Are the Consequences of Noncompliance?

Failure to collect and remit sales tax on taxable sales can result in penalties and interest. The Missouri Department of Revenue may also audit a contractor`s records to ensure compliance and assess additional taxes, penalties, and interest.

It is important for contractors to keep accurate records of all taxable and nontaxable sales, as well as all purchases subject to use tax. This will make it easier to comply with sales tax regulations and avoid penalties.


In conclusion, Missouri sales tax for construction contractors can be complex and confusing. However, it is important for contractors to understand and comply with these regulations to avoid penalties and ensure the success of their business. If you have any questions or concerns about Missouri sales tax, consult with a qualified tax professional.